Our goal is to breed quality American Bashkir Curly Horses and we feel the mares and stallions are equally important. We choose our mares and stallions very carefully by character and conformation. We breed only Curly to Curly and do not out cross with other breeds. Our mares have all been proven to be good mothers to our foals and contributed greatly to the American Curly Horse breed trough their foals.


Mallie Berndtie* ABC


Mallie was the first mare we bought. I was so drawn to her pictures and her friendly eyes. Her nice conformation and color are a bonus. She is a beautiful Dun with dorsal stripe and has incredible moves. 
When she arrived at Hidden Cave Ranch I was so trilled. She was everything I hoped for. Sweet, smart and beautiful. She partly sheds her mane and tail in the summer and in the winter she has long curly manes and a deep warm colored wavy/curly coat. 
She gives a huge contribution to our breeding program with old foundation bloodlines.




HCR Cinderella* ABC


Cinderella comes from old blood lines with stocky and great conformation. She is an absolute great broodmare, takes care of not only her foal but keeps an eye on the others as well. With her sooty buckskin coat and her incredible movements she is a great addition to our breeding program. 




HCR Passion Black Layla* ABC

Layla is a titled BLM Curly Mustang mare. She came true Winnemucca Herd Management Area, NV. She was captured in the winter of 2010 at the Black Rock East Round-up. Info about this area click here
The records indicate she was between 2 and 3 years old at the time of capture. This would make her between 4 and 5 at the present time (2013). The ages at time of apture are not very accurate, so I would say she is somewhere between 3 and 5 years old.
She was already DNA tested and her genetic make-up is the following:  
(A) Irish Breeds (like most Black Rock East Horses).
(B)  Western European Warmblood (Dutch Warmblood, etc).
(C) Quarter Horse.

(D) Probably several other breeds, but only the top 3 were reported.
This data means that she has more genes in common with Irish Breeds like the Connemara etc. than any other. We do not know the percentage of Irish horse genes from this test, but most horses will have at least 10+ percent. Since the top 3 breeds are all cold blooded easy going horse breeds.

Layla has a good sized mare, close to 16H and is solid build. She had her first foal in 2014 at the ranch and she is just an excellent mother. Her foals are sweet, have great conformation, just everything what we are looking for in a Curly Horse.




CC Heartfire's Spark* ABC


Sparky does her name justice she sparkles around. She has a beautiful deep Bay color and a counter shading dorsal strip, which is always visible. She has a nice tight curly coat. She is as sweet as they come and proved to be intelligent and willing. This mare has a beautiful character. Her movements are just incredible, she has the most floating extended trot I have seen and she passes it on to her foals.

Update on Sparky, She moved to Stagcreekfarm in TX and will be bred to their wonderful stallion Solen.





Renegait Royal Talisman* ABC


Renee is a pinto colored gaited ABC Curly mare. We are very excited she has come to the Hidden Cave Ranch. She has a very sweet personality and loves attention. She has minimal curls and has both sabino as tobiano markings which makes her possible homozygous for tobiano. So far all of her foals have tobiano markings. 

Renee is our only gaited mare. She has a nice solid foxtrot she passes on to her foals. Her and Lydiker are a great match and contribute a lot to the gaited Curly horses.




Stag Creek Savannah* ABC


Savannah is a beautiful stocky build Red Dun Tobiano mare. She is an "extreme" which makes her possibly homozygous for curls. We are extremely excited she came to the Hidden Cave Ranch and hopefully she is in foal by Stag Creek Palermo and we can expect her foal in 2017.


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